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    With state-of-the-art laboratory, Our Organization is consisted with the latest Ultra Modern and highly sophisticated and renowned brands of laboratory equipments sourced and installed from the United States, Japan, Germany and Europe. Confidence Medical Centre (Pvt) Ltd., offers a multitude of medical / clinical tests and services producing reliable and accurate test results to qualify on suitability and fitness, to the migrating candidates especially for employment. We are also certified by the Malaysian Embassy, for medical fitness test and suitability for employment to Malaysia.

    The medical laboratory equipments including auto analyzers are complemented with a Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) programme with frequency of calibrations, intensified to rely on the test results. Calibration and cleaning processes are validated through proper documentation. Test results are guaranteed by applying internal standards and evaluated through external quality assurance services of Bio-Rad Laboratories (EQAS) USA.

    With the participation in proficiency programs and implementing the required processes in accordance with the International Quality Standards of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, Confidence Medical Laboratory guarantees the test results thus generated as undoubtedly the best.

    The medical expertise and facilities to include accuracy in diagnostic reports is the hallmark of Confidence Medical Centre (Pvt) Ltd. A key strategy is to focus on increasing patient’s confidence in managing their health on the premise that confidence breed’s success. Furthermore, the exercise of superior management, combined with well qualified team of medical professionals and efficient administrative staff, assure the best of their services at all times to customer satisfaction.

    The computerized office management coupled with Laboratory Automation Systems, strict Administrative procedures and other modern technology, makes us stand tall among other medical centres in Sri Lanka. The quest for quality and the passion for perfection is the driving force behind our success.

    The establishment employs a total strength of 29 full time staffs in addition, to include Doctors, visiting Consultants and experienced Radiologists. Others include administrative personnel who are committed and dedicated to expedite a courteous and friendly service to all valuable customers who visit Confidence Medical Centre (Pvt) Ltd daily.

    At the customer-receiving point, our Receptionists and Front Office Clerks are trained on Customer Care Excellence and are committed to extend the highest standard by providing the utmost care through personalized service, in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS).

    What we offer you

    Health Screening Programme

    Is a comprehensive medical screening especially designed for migrant workers which includes the assessment of individual medical history by a systemic examination covering Cardiac, Respiratory, Central Nervous Systems, Abdomen and Skin. The mental aptitude is a significant factor covered by us in such medical screening. Special health care schemes for Corporate Companies and Institutions as well as Executive Medical Examination including gynaecology are available.

    What we offer you

    Laboratory Section (LAB)

    Equipped with the state-of-the-art technology assuring swift and accurate diagnosis, LAB is our main service point focused on Bio-chemistry, Haematology, Serology, VDRL, TPPA, TPHA, HBS Ag, HCV Ab, HIV 1 & 2 tests by well qualified MLT’s. The accuracy of the tests are guaranteed by external quality assurance services of Bio-Rad Laboratories (EQAS) and American Association of Bio-analysts (AAB) of USA.

    Renowned brands of laboratory equipments from USA and UK are procured and installed.High quality and superior brands of diagnostic Reagents are used from Human Diagnostics of Germany, Randox - UK and Pointe Scientific Inc. USA, to provide accurate laboratory results of Haematology, Bio-chemistry, Serology and Routine Pathology Tests, to offer the convenience of all the tests under one roof.

    Additionally, we have recently acquired and installed latest laboratory equipments such as “NIHON-KOHDEN Celltec E” a five part differential Haematology Analyzer and “EVOLIS-Twin Plus” Serology Analyzer for ELISA and semi-automated "Humalyzer 3500-pointe180 II"

    What we offer you


    (The Radiography department is equipped with the latest “CONRAD” 325HF X-ray Plant with 125KV and 350 MA from Control-X Medical Inc., USA. Also, we are the first medical centre in Sri Lanka to acquire and install the “AGFA” Computerized Radiography (CR), a digital way of doing general radiography with conventional x-ray machines providing extremely crisp and high quality radiography images.

    The CR is the latest innovation by “AGFA” to develop radiography images instead of a piece of film and the film processor. The Imaging Plate (IP) captures and stores the X-rays, develops in a CR Reader and extracts the information stored in the plate producing a digital image.

    What we offer you


    ECG tests to monitor and provide doctors with vital information that detects heart abnormalities and assesses heart rhythm and function (in other words – assesses how effectively your heart is pumping)

    What we offer you

    We take care of your health with confidence

    We are a leading healthcare centre focused on screening of migrant workers since 1989. Well known for our core values of Integrity-Professionalism-Commitment and Social Responsibility, we are proud to have received the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification. Situated in the heart of Colombo, Confidence Medical Centre (Pvt) Ltd., has easy access to leading employment agencies, the Department of Immigration & Emigration and GAMCA, the Central Railway link and Bus terminals.

    Laboratory Tests
    Bio - Chemistry
    (to diagnose diabetes)

    Blood Sugar

    Lipid Profile Tests
    (Breakdown of Lipids fats)

    Total Cholesterol
    HDL/LDL Cholesterol
    T Cholesterol / HDL Ratio

    Renal Profile Tests
    (Kidney Function)

    B Urea S Creatinine
    S Cholesterol Uric Acid

    Liver Profile Tests
    (Liver function)

    T Bilirubin T Protein
    A/G Ratio SGPT GGT
    Alkaline Phosphatese

    (Infectious disease screening)

    Syphilis Screening Tests
    HIV I/II Screening Test

    Hepatitis Screening Tests

    Hepatitis A Hepatitis B (Hbs Ag)
    Hepatitis C (Anti Hcv)


    White Blood Cell count (WBC)
    Differential Count (DC)
    Red Blood Cell count (RBC)
    Platelets / ESR

    General Tests

    Urine Full Report
    Stool Test
    Blood Grouping & Rh typing